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Wednesday, April 01, 2015
RPG Play by Post Forums, Combat Map & More!
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A One-Stop Shop for all Your Play by Post Needs!

Whether you're just looking for a forum to host your game, or your needs are more elaborate, we offer the best suite of tools for play by post games out there.

Playing a game that has tactical grid-based combat?  Use our persistent always-online combat map with customizable icons, hundreds of tiles and customizable backgrounds.

Looking for a way to ensure your players aren't rerolling their dice rolls over and over again?  Check out our integrated dice rollers including a special shadowrun dice roller.

Need a way to manage all of your ongoing games without needing to have a dozen tabs open?  Check out the HUD feature of our chat bar... offering customizable links in overlayed pop up windows.
We have everything you need to play the best play by post your ever playing in or run.  So register on our site and get started on your play by post journey... here at PbPHUD.com!

Integrated, Cheat-Proof Dice Roller

One of our best features is our dice roller integrated right into our play by post forums! All dice rolls are tracked, and all versions of edited posts are also tracked, so Game Masters can tell if their players are trying to alter the results of their rolls to benefit their characters dishonestly. Not that we ever have a problem with that here :)

The dice roller uses standard bbcode, namely the [dice][/dice] tags. You make a roll, view the result when you're ready, and then edit your post to continue. Our posters never have issue with knowing when someone is done posting... it is almost always self evident. The dice roller can roll any combination of dice with any number of bonuses or penalties added to the roll.

Persistent Play by Post Combat Map

We host, free of charge, a persistant play by post combat map system, that allows you to track and visualize your battles for maximum tactical ability. This feature is invaluable for tactical combat systems like Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition, which require the use of a map to play effectively. The map uses a two dimensional tile system, with the ability to upload your own icons for your characters and/or monsters!

Free Play by Post Forum for Your Campaign

We also offer free play by post forums for your campaign. Each forum can have any number of sub-forums for the various organizational aspects of your game. The forums can be self moderated by the Game Master, and any other users he or she desires to have moderating the forums. We have included a number of custom and popular pre-made bbcode additions that will make your play by post games as fun as possibly can be.

Free On-Site Chat Rooms, Instant Messaging and Community Features

We offer free chat rooms for discussing your games or just hanging out as well as instant messaging for registered users.  We also offer a robust community application for sharing photos, stories, or just socializing with other site users.

Free HUD-Style Tabs For Managing Your PbP Links

One of our best features is the HUD-like tab system we have on our chat bar at the bottom of the screen, viewable once registered and logged in.  This feature allows you to add custom links to your user profile, which will be associated with the various tab icons on the chat bar.  When clicked this will cause an overlay pop up window to appear on top of the current pbphud.com page you are viewing.  This is not a separate window, it is part of the same window, overlayed on top of your existing screen.  So while you're posting you can easily check and edit your map, combat tracker document/app, character sheet, DM notes or what-have-you.  It's all in one place you!

Getting Started

If you are interested in starting your own game, first you need to register on the site.  Once that is done, and you have activated your account via the email you should receive, you need to login and request a new campaign forum and map from the staff.  This process usually takes less than 24 hours.  Once you have your forum set up, please post a new thread in our Game Masters (GM's) looking for players & players looking for GM's forum.  Then all you need to do is wait for players to sign up and you are good to go!  Don't forget about our online chat room, where many regular users of our site congregate to discuss games.  We are a friendly bunch, so don't hesitate to jump right in and introduce yourself.
If you are looking to join an existing game, most games are advertised in our Game Masters (GM's) looking for players & players looking for GM's forum.  You can also join our online chat and ask people there which games might be able to accept a new member.  There are always more players than DMs though in the rpg world, so consider starting your own game if something doesn't materialize right away, though usually we have at least one or two games accepting new members.

Other Tools

We also support the use of some other, off-site tools:

If you would like to have your play by post tool web site added to this list, please register on our forums and send a private message to Gicker


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